Traditional cylinder locks used in most PVCu doors are open to attack from unscrupulous thieves. The internet has spread the word and is rife with video clips showing how to attack conventional cylinders by bumping and snapping them.

CISA has developed a new range of cylinder locks to combat this ever increasing problem and provide levels of high security and protection against these methods of attack.  In developing these products, CISA has taken action not only to defend their locks but to offer a visual deterrent to opportunist thieves.  Unlike other cylinder locks on the market, CISA AP3 S and Astral S cylinders have a unique visual snap resistant core, which is designed to deter thieves from trying to attack the lock and thus preventing damage.  CISA Astral S 24 also incorporates a break line which will cause the cylinder to snap off, should the handles on a PVCu or composite door be removed.